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Peugeot 206 Schematic Wiring Diagrams Audio System, Electric Windows

Wednesday, June 22

I've got emails requesting the Peugeot 206 wiring diagrams. Most them had got clear info from the previous posts and want for more. So, I would like to provide more and more schematic wiring diagrams as the feedback of the appreciation  to those who get a lot of information in this Blog.
So let's discuss for the Peugeot 206 Schematic Wiring Diagrams Audio System, Electric Windows. It is specialized for those who have problem with audio system and electric window in their Peugeot 206. For your information, there are some parts in this schematic wiring diagrams. It is a must to understand them before taking action on the wiring works. In this schematic wiring diagrams the parts are shown in Keys to show each items. Please take a look this list:
Key to items: 1 Battery, 2 Ignition switch, 4 Engine fusebox, 5 Passenger fusebox (28 fuse), 9 Built in systems interface (BSI), 100 Audio unit (2040 model), 101 Satellite controls, 102 Electric aerial module, 103 LH rear speaker, 104 LH tweeter, 105 Passenger's front door speaker, 106 RH rear speaker, 107 RH tweeter, 108 Driver's front door speaker, 113 CD player, 114 Multifunction display unit, 115 Passenger's mirror assembly, 116 Window and mirror control switch, 117 One-touch control unit, 118 Driver's window motor, 119 Passenger's window motor.
You also need to consider the wire color codes, and here is the list of wire colors codes: BA White, BE Blue, BG Beige, GR Grey, JN Yellow, MR Brown, NR Black, OR Orange, RG Red, RS Pink, VE Green, VI Mauve, VJ Green/yellow.
Well after you understand the codes above you will be able to solve your wiring problem. Be sure that you make no mistakes, failures, and errors. The clear, readable and colorful schematic wiring diagrams will be shown below. Just click on image to enlarge.
Peugeot 206 Schematic Wiring Diagrams Audio System, Electric Windows
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