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Peugeot 206 Exterior Lighting Wiring Diagrams

Monday, June 6

This is the schematic wiring diagrams for the Peugeot 206 Exterior Lighting. Another Peugeot 206 wiring diagrams can be seen HERE.
In this schematic wiring diagrams, you will see some color codes for differentiate each part of the component in this  schematic wiring diagrams. Among those color codes are as you see below:
Wire colors:
BA:White, BE:Blue, BG: Beige, GR:Grey, JN:Yellow, MR:Brown, NR:Black, OR:Orange, RG:Red, RS:Pink, VE:Green, VI:Mauve, VJ:Green/Yellow.

Beside the color codes, you will also see, of course, the parts/components which builds this Peugeot 206 Exterior Lighting  Wiring Diagrams. And they are as you see as follow:
Key to items:

1 Battery, 2 Ignition switch, 3 Instrument cluster, p = dipped beam warning light, q = main beam warning light, r = front foglight warning light, s = rear foglight warning light, 4 Engine fusebox, c = front foglight relay, 5 Passenger fusebox (28 fuse), 25 Passenger fusebox (12 fuse), 60 Reversing light switch (manual), 61 Stop light switch, 62 High level brake light, 63 LH rear light cluster, a = reversing light, b = stop light, c = tail light, 64 RH rear light cluster, 65 Number plate light, 66 LH front side light, 67 RH front side light, 68 Multifunction switch, a = side/headlight switch, b = dipped/main beam switch, c = headlight flasher, e = rear foglight switch, f = front foglight switch, 69 LH headlight, 70 RH headlight, 71 Rear fog light, 72 LH front fog light, 73 RH front fog light, 74 Reversing light switch (auto.)
Those two main parts are important for you to understand before you have any attempt on wiring works. I guaranteed for your works if you do follow the thing I suggest. And the Peugeot 206 Exterior Lighting  Wiring Diagrams image is shown below. (Click on the image to enlarge)
note: best view using the picasa photo viewer (save it to you hard drive)

Peugeot 206 Exterior Lighting  Wiring Diagrams


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