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1997 Ford Windstar System Wiring Diagrams Air Conditioning Circuits

Friday, July 1

1997 Ford Windstar
The Ford Windstar is a minivan that was produced and sold by the Ford Motor Company from the 1995 to 2003 model years [wikipedia]. This car became very popular because of its design that suit for a family car. Year after year it gained the great sales. This became the adorable minivan at that time. No wonder till now there are many people still keeping it.

But this mini car was not free from the problems. As an old car it must be for sure to have some problems, especially with its electricity wiring system. So this post will give a glance for the 1997 Ford Windstar System Wiring Diagrams Air Conditioning Circuits.
In this schematic wiring diagrams you will see some parts namely: aux blower motor relay, blend door actuator, temperature control potentiometer, i/p fuse panel, aux blower motor, a/c clutch cycling pressure switch, blower motor, front blower motor, aux blower motor resistor assembly, aux a/c relay, blower motor switch, blower motor resistor, rear aux blower motor switch, front aux blower motor switch, engine compartment fuse box, a/c high pressure cutout/fan switch, pcm power relay, cooling fan dropping resistor, constant control relay module, a/c clutch control, left electric cooling fan motor, right electric cooling fan motor, a/c clutch coil, power train control module.
You are also about to see the wire color coding: WHT= white, PNK= pink, BLK= black, ORG= orange, RED= red, PPL= purple, BLU= blue, DK BLU= dark blue, GRN= green, LT GRN= light green, etc. 
You can see the details image/picture of the 1997 Ford Windstar System Wiring Diagrams Air Conditioning Circuits  HERE.


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